Environmental surveys

The investigations mainly concern

  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Design of preliminary investigations at sites suspected of contamination
  • Plan for the characterization of polluted sites
  • Healthcare-environmental risk analysis
  • Studies for safety and remediation projects
  • Environmental impact assessment studies (VIA)

The surveys constist of

  • Drilling for ascertaining stratigraphic succession on land and at sea
  • Monitoring through the installation of piezometers
  • Monitoring for execution of the Soil Gas Survey (SGS)
  • Undisturbed sampling of land on land with Schelby, Denison, Mazier, Osterberg, Craps samplers
  • Taking carrots of soil at sea with Vibrocorer
  • Sampling samples at sea with bucket and box corer
  • Low flow purging in piezometers
  • Water sample collection
  • Determination of soil permeability coefficient by means of Lugeon tests, Lefranc tests and pumping tests
  • Flow tests in wells and in the riverbed
  • Sampling with direct push systems
  • SGS probe installation
  • Piezometric brushing