Site tests

Mechanical probes

The wide range of probes available, variable in terms of power, torque and dimensions, assembled on tracked or wheeled tractors, makes it possible to meet the most varied needs and operate even in the most difficult morphological conditions, from core drilling to narrow areas (internal ) to those in inaccessible high mountain areas and in areas of high urbanization, from withdrawals at sea, to cores deeper than 100 m.

Vertical or in any case inclined terebrations are performed with advancement to core destruction or continuous core drilling for multiple purposes: geognostic investigations, water research, geothermal energy, cementation, underpinning micropiles for building consolidation, Berliners for landslide consolidation, installation of tie rods, construction sub-sub-horizontal drains, monitoring (installation of piezometers, inclinometers, strain gauges, gauges, pressure gauges), tubes for geophysical tests (Cross-hole, down-hole, Up-hole). The investigations are carried out with adequate equipment, highly specialized personnel and the continuous assistance of a geologist expert in the field of geognostic investigations.

  • For core drilling, core barrels appropriate to the nature of the soil are used: simple - double (T2 / T6) - triple, with widia and diamond crowns.
  • For the collection of undisturbed quality samples on dry land, samplers suitable for the type of soil are used: Schelby, Denison, Mazier, Osterberg, Craps.
  • The Vibrocorer is used to take samples at sea.

Probing hole tests

The following tests are performed in the probing holes:

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Scissometric tests (SC)
  • Pressiometric tests with Menard Pressiometer (PM)
  • Dilatometric tests (DMT)
  • Permeability tests (Lefranc – Lugèon – pumping tests with central hole and piezometers arranged radially)
  • Waterproofing tests
  • Installation of piezometers (open tube, Casagrande, electric)
  • Installation of inclinometer tubes
  • Installation of PVC pipes for seismic tests in the hole
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Geothermal probe installation

Site tests

The following tests are performed:

  • Static penetrometric tests with CPT mechanical tip (Cone Penetration Test), with CPTE electric tip and CPTU piezocone with 10 and 20 t penetrometer
  • Continuous dynamic penetration tests (DP) with super-heavy penetrometer type DPSH
  • Hardness tests on plate
  • Load tests on poles and micropoles
  • Density on site (sand and membrane volume meter)
  • Water content in its natural state (Ca-carbide meter)
  • CBR tests
  • Inclinometric readings
  • Piezometric readings